Apply to UCMS

How to Apply

Your   Journey   of  Academic  excellence  starts  here  with  us.  For  Admission  Application,  the  best  institute  of Khanewal  offers  two  options  for  its  future  students.

Apply via Prospectus

One  can  buy  a  Prospectus  containing  application  form  from  the  Centralized  Admission  Office  of  the  University  College  of  Management  &  Sciences  Khanewal

Apply via the online admission portal

An  applicant  may  apply  via  Online  Admission  Portal.

The Application Process


    Visit the website and click on the link “APPLY ONLINE”. Sign Up as a New User by filling in your biodata. Sign In again with the User Name & Password

  • 2. Complete Profile

    Complete the Academic Profile. Complete Work Experience (Optional). Provide Information in Important Information Tab

  • 3. Create Application

    Select Department. Select Program, Attach the most relevant result cards to the application

  • 4. Submit Application

    Click Submit Application Button. If you have purchased Prospectus, then enter Prospectus Number.

  • 5.Download Voucher

    Download Online Application Fee Voucher and pay fee voucher in the bank. After payment submission uploads the fee voucher on the admission portal.

  • 6. Keep Visiting

    Keep visiting the Admission Portal for application status.