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Computer Science

The BS Computer Science program curriculum at UCMS aims to prepare students with outstanding problem-solving skills, critical thinking abilities, and the capability to handle complex computational challenges. The program offers a well-rounded education that includes fundamental science, technology, language, and business-related courses, preparing graduates to take on leadership roles in academic and non-academic sectors.

After completing the program, students will possess various skills and knowledge, including identifying computational requirements for problem-solving, designing, deploying, and evaluating computer-based systems that meet specific needs, working effectively in teams, and interacting professionally with diverse audiences. Students will be adept at using current technologies and applying design and development principles while creating software systems of varying complexity levels. They will have the capacity to function as leaders or members of a team engaged in tasks associated with the program's discipline, base their decisions on ethical and legal standards, and be able to solve real-world problems using the latest theoretical and practical aspects of the field.

The students will possess excellent communication skills, enabling them to assume leadership positions in their chosen profession and have practical experience with cutting-edge technologies. They will also recognize the need for continuous professional development to stay updated with industrial trends and advancements.

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