Life at UCMS


Life at the Best Institute in Khanewal plays in overall shaping up students’ personalities. This informal part of education is extremely important and the University College of Management & Sciences encourages its students to play an active role in the extracurricular activities during their time at the campus. Taking part in one or several of these students’ activities is an easy way to get into student life and to make new friends. Students with an active and balanced social life can achieve more in life than those who only focus on academics. At UCMS, students organize and participate in various social and extracurricular activities that make life on campus a memorable experience for the years to come.

Social Life

Opportunities to work in the form of diversified groups, teams and making connections with people of UCMS is a great way to lead an active social life during your time on campus.

Student Activities

A wide range of activities is planned over the year that includes seminars, workshops, interactive sessions, studio programs, and the events planned & organized by the Directorate of Students Affairs (DSA). The purpose is to polish the personality of our students and make them ready for the real world.

Societies for Inter-Departmental Competitions


Literary Society

Literary society is supervised by Ms. Ravish Saher. The society arranges various writing, speech and literary programs to promote creative skills of students.


Dramatic Society

Dramatic society works under the supervision of Ms Sidra Badar. The society organizes multiple performances to uplift the student’s talent in performing art.


Musical Society

Musical society is supervised by Ms. Safa Amjad. The society arranges multiple events related to rhythm & verse.


Cultrual Society

Ms. Hira Mumtaz is patron of the society and the society aims to promote cultural language and norms. The society organizes very colorful events in this regard. The main emphasis remains on promotion of cultural values.


Debate Society

Debate society works under the supervision of Ms. Gul-e-Lala. The society arranges different debate competitions & seminars to promote the critical sense of understanding in students.


Sports Society

Mr. Adeel Ahmad is the patron of sports society. The society organizes many championship programs and annual sports gala


Community Services Society

Community Services Society is operated under the supervision of Mr. Rao Mahtab. The society aims to develop positive relationship with public and to serve the community in different areas.


Drawing & Decortaion

This society is supervised by Ms. Fatima Rasheed. The society promotes artistic skills among students. During this semester three exhibitions have been arranged.