Introduction of Office of the Director ORIC


The Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization (ORIC) was established in 01 March 2023 in fulfillment of the policy of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to make research a top priority for a maintainable economic development and future knowledge economy.


The purpose of ORIC is to serve as a pivotal point to encompass all the research activities, develop, expand, enhance, and manage the university’s research programs, and link research activities directly to the educational, social, and economic priorities of the university and its broader community, under a single umbrella. The ORIC is also responsible for assuring that the quality of research reflects the highest international standards and advances. ORIC is working to promote the stature of the university among the world’s best research institutions. ORIC provides maximum services for all matters about research & development, innovation, commercialization, patent, collaborations, and for arranging seminars, symposiums, conferences, and workshops, etc.

Functions of ORIC
  1. Setting the strategic research directions and policies by the university’s research and development vision ensuring favorable research and development of culture so that research remains an integral component of academic activities in the university Encouraging and enhancing the university’s entrepreneurial environment by strengthening university-industry relationships as well as expanding partnerships with public and private sector organizations, national and international donors, and all other community-based organizations. The ORIC appreciates the need to positively contribute to developing R & D and to play the role in transforming the country's economic focus through the strengthening of academia-academic and academia-industry ties. The ORIC is keenly involved in establishing linkages with academia, industry, and the community to carry out various projects. Besides this, the ORIC has signed several MOUs with local and regional industries to provide them with industrial solutions and innovative ideas.