Department of Mathematics

Mathematics develops computational skills, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. The theory, discipline, and techniques taught in mathematics courses are especially important in today's society. The Department of Mathematics is offering courses and programs of study that will ensure that the student will be able to contribute to today's society. The students will obtain abilities to critically assess numerical and graphical information; learn to formulate strategies for solving problems.

BS Mathematics

BS Mathematics

The BS scheme of studies aims to establish the base for lifelong education by creating essential concepts and equipping the student with necessary techniques, needed to start a career of research, development, teaching or financial applications involving mathematics. The equations of mathematics are made to speak through physics, which is the formulation of general laws applying, mainly, inductive logic.

Engineering is modeling from the general laws to create practical systems. Technology is the implementation and the adaptation of a laboratory model to create a working system, which could be mass-produced. The journey from mathematics to technology could be considered as a journey from the abstract to the concrete, mathematics being in books, in the minds of philosophers, physics making contact with outside world, technology becoming the stage, where one enjoys the blessings.

In other disciplines, like, economics, life sciences, a similar route is followed to transform the abstract formulae and equations developed by a pure mathematician to live and vibrating applications in everyday world. The training of mathematicians should inculcate creative thinking and make them capable to critically analyze a problem, taking them from various stages of concept building to equip them with problem-solving skills.

Problem solving in the classroom should prepare them to problem solving in the laboratories, and, eventually, problem solving in the industry. After completing the BS program, the students should:

a) be able to experience mathematics.

b) appreciate importance of mathematics and visualize its applications in every walk of life.

c) understand and use the basic structures applicable in modern sciences.

MSc Mathematics